Special Event Unit

This is our special event unit. It is prefect for
cookouts, parties or festival.  These units are
in showroom condition.  Each unit is steam
washed before delivery to insure that you
receive the cleanest and best portable
restroom for your event.
Handicap Portable Restroom

The handicap acceptable unit is a must when
planning for larger events or great if you would
just like a little more space inside the restroom.
Standard Service Restroom

This unit is mainly used on construction site.  
These units are kept in excellent condition.  
Each unit is steam washed, cleaned of any
graffiti, and inspected to make sure it is in the
best condition when it gets to your job site.
Hand-Wash Station

The hand-wash stations are ideal for any
outdoor event especially if food is being
served.  These units are stocked with hand
soap and paper towels.
Comfort Elite II Restroom Trailer

This unit is top of the line for outdoor events.  It
comes with all the comforts of home A/C, hot
and cold running water, flushing commodes, ect.
If your guest are expecting the best this is the
only way to go!
The Aspen

This all white portable restroom comes equip
with a reflow flush system, hand wash, and
mirror.  This is the most elegant portable
restroom we offer, 2nd only to the Comfort
Elite Trailers.  
Special Event Restroom with Hand-Wash

This is a standard special event unit with an
interior hand-wash. Great for events where food
is being served.
Septic Tank Pumping Services

We also offer 24-hour emergency septic tank
pumping services and scheduled maintenance